Tour of CA 2011 Tour of CA 2011 "Dance in the pedals, lads!" Ready for the King of The Mountain race up Sierra Road. 127036899 David and Connie At the top of Sierra Road for the finish. (Taylor followed in his father's pedal strokes --- "Grupetto!") 127036896 Chris Horner on his way to the win But he wants to know how Bob and Pete got up there before him . . . 127037346 Welcome to my Winery Hale yes, we are having fun tonight! 127036902 Jim Ellison came down 127036891 Wade and Jason McCartney 127036900 The Stage Winner 127037990 Die Zwei Bobkes 127036897 Ready to Roll 127036895 A benefit for Team TIBCO 127036893 When I grow up, I want to be a TIBCO Women's Rider! 127038285 We Bow to Over The Hill riders! 127036901 Paul Sherwen making fun of Bobke 127036894 127037989 Sam Wins a Bid! 127036903 Paul and Bob 127036898